Couple receiving back massage

The term “couples massage” is often used to describe a popular form of spa treatment – though the name is something of a misnomer. A couples massage does not have to specifically involve a couple who are romantically linked; essentially, it is two individual treatments that are conducted in the same room, at the same time. The two massage recipients can be a parent and their child, a pair of friends, the same-sex-couple, or a husband and wife.

How does a couples massage work?

The process of a couples massage is very simple:

  • Each person involved in the massage is treated individually.
  • Each person has their own massage table and their own therapist.
  • The only difference to a standard massage is that there is a second table in the room.
  • Your partner/girlfriend/boyfriend/friend/etc will be massaged on the other table.
  • The two individual tables are usually placed side-by-side, so the people receiving the massage can talk to one another if they wish to do so.
  • The massages will usually start and end at the same time.

Where does a couples massage take place?

Most couples massages are conducted in a large room at a spa for purely functional reasons: two tables, and two masseuses working on each table, require a lot of space.

The room will usually be decorated in a soothing, sometimes romantic way. You may well see candles and rose petals, and you can expect soothing music will be playing unobtrusively in the background. At Coastal Day Spa, we have a special suite that is dedicated to couples massages.

How close together are the massage tables?

Most massage tables can be easily moved, so you and your loved one can choose the proximity between you. However, you will need to ensure there is enough room for the masseuses to work around the table, so a few feet of space is a sensible choice.

What are the advantages of a couples massage?

  • The ability to share a wonderful experience with a loved one, either by talking to one another or just enjoying a calm silence. Many people find a couples massage enhances their own massage experience, as they are sharing the moment with someone they care for.
  • Support; if one of you is nervous about the massage – for example, it’s your first time – it can be useful to be in the same room as someone you know, to create a sense of calm.
  • Less awkwardness. If there is someone you know and trust in the room, the nudity that massage requires may be more comfortable for you both than if you were alone.

What are the disadvantages of a couples massage?

Realistically, there aren’t any – you either like the idea, or you don’t. It is important to remember you are in control of the treatment. If you want to talk with your loved one during the massage, then you are free to do so. If you wish to remain silent and drift to sleep, then that’s fine also.

The individual treatment you receive is identical to what you would receive if you were solo, so there are no downsides in this regard. Provided you are comfortable with sharing a relatively intimate setting, there should be no problems.

How much does a couples massage cost?

At Coastal Day Spa, we do not offer a set price for our couples massages. This is because we allow those spending time in our couples suite to add additional services to their time with us, such as body wraps, facials, or reflexology. As a result, the price varies depending on the number of treatments you choose.

What are the best tips for making the most of a couples massage?

  • Don’t surprise a loved one with a couples massage; not everyone is comfortable with the idea, so ensure they are happy to proceed before you make your booking.
  • Discuss whether you wish to talk during the massage with your loved one, so you both know what to expect.
  • Try not to worry too much about your partner’s experience; instead, focus on your own massage and enjoying the health and well-being benefits it offers.
  • Add additional treatments to your package so you can maximize the time spent in the relaxing couples massage suite.

In conclusion

Whether you want to enjoy a special treat with your Mom or enjoy a relaxing afternoon with your partner, a couples massage could be the perfect choice.

If you want to share the relaxing and soothing benefits of a massage with someone you care about, we offer you the possibility of choosing the best service for you and your massage partner. Contact us to get more information about all the services you can choose from.