When it comes to waxing many questions can come up but not always we dare to ask them, not even to our best friend. This is a part of our life that we cannot avoid, however, it is not something enjoyable or pleasant to do.

Let’s try to answer some of these questions and eliminate historical myths about this topic.

Waxing and  Pain. Is it Safe?

Waxing is associated with pain, but it would vary according to your skin sensibility and the part of your body being waxed. At times. It is also uncomfortable especially Brazilian waxing.

Despite the pain, you should do your waxing in a professional salon to have your hair removed safely. It is essential you make sure that:

  • The waxing pebble is sterilized for each client to avoid having any kind of infection.
  • The professional technicians should wear gloves for the procedure.
  • The technician should be a waxing specialist.
  • The technician should change the paper or sheets on the waxing table between each client.

Many people believe that after waxing, hair grows quicker and thicker, but, it is quite the opposite. Waxing weakens hair follicles so it slows the growth.

Does it Require a lot of Time?

Time will depend on the areas and how many of them you want to have waxed. If you are planning to wax your legs, it might take around 15 minutes, or if you want to get everything done, it may take more than an hour.

Does it Last Long?

As the time needed to do the waxing, the duration will vary according to the hair density and the area.  It could be wise to have a waxing appointment every three weeks, so you allow the hair to grow long enough to be caught by the wax. But if you have intense hair, you might want to shorten it to two weeks time. If you notice that you get a stubble after two days, you should probably consider getting laser or shaving.

After the first waxing, you might check how long it takes the hair to grow about a quarter of an inch, and then, schedule the appointments baring in mind that information. For some areas, such as the eyebrow, you will have to attend the salon with more frequency.

How to Prepare

As it was mentioned before, the hair should be a quarter of an inch. Moreover, your skin should be clean and with no cream or oily products on it. Remember to give a good wipe down to your genital area before heading the salon.

Before waxing, some women take an ibuprofen to reduce the pain.  What is more, if your waxing is frequent, you will notice that the pain threshold become stronger because you get used to it.

What to Do After  Waxing

After a session, your skin might be sensitive for a couple of days. You should avoid applying lotion for 24 hours after the waxing. However, the beautician might apply a soothing cream after the session.

In some areas, you might experience redness and tenderness for a few hours. If you find some leftover wax, you might rub it down with baby oil when you get home as it will break down or melt away the wax composition. Another useful idea is to wear loose trousers after the waxing not to irritate the skin.

If you still have doubts or you feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to ask the beautician, As professionals, they are trained to assess you and talk you through to ease the situation. The pain and the awkwardness do not last forever! So, no need to worry.

If you would like more information about this or any other issue, please contact us. Our professionals are willing to answer all your questions.