It is very common to hear that “Exercises, healthy food, relaxing and good sleep are the foundations of a Healthy life” But it should be said that one essential element is missing: two hours a day at the Spa. And here you are going to find out why.

The Spa industry is growing substantially today. Many reasons can let to this trend to be popular; people need a place to relax for their stressing life and hard work, they desire to get their youth back and keep a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, as a consequence of the Baby Boomer generation, a large number of people started to look for non-traditional forms to stick to their youth a bit longer, or at least to feel there are still young. New generations understand better that taking care of their bodies is really necessary and important which will decrease future concerns.

“Baby Boomers” ´s concerns

As The Global Wellness Tourism Economy study expressed, ¨Baby Boomers’ main concerns today has to do with their well being. Those who are retired or in the means of retiring and have enough incomes to travel are seen as explorers looking for new spas, travel destinations and many other ways to relax, as well as, living healthy lives.

This generation, who were born between 1946 and 1964 in the US and those born between 1946 and 1961 in Australia, is mainly portrayed as the aging demographic which is having high impact in the modern world. They have the chance to improve the quality of their lives and even live longer.

Start a Healthy Lifestyle When You Want

Whether you belong to the“Baby Boomers” or you are searching for new ways to stay young, you must know that yoga and a healthy diet might not be enough to achieve this goal. So you should consider a regular visit to the spa as part your routine.

But why should you go to a Spa? What benefits might it give you? Below, you will find the most relevant reasons for you to go to a spa.

Healthy Lifestyle and Relaxation

If there is a place where you can begin a healthy life with exercise, relaxation, etc, it is in a destination spa (Health and wellness spas). It will help you change your life while you keep up your professional career.

The traditional resort spas might offer treatments related to relaxation, aromatherapy, and wellness. The Aromatherapy Associates stated that the aromatherapy field moves in a new direction because the scent is significantly used for strong therapeutic qualities.

Nowadays, this method plays a relevant role to treat pains due to its power as a mood enhancer and sleeping therapy. In addition to this, natural oils extracted from a wide variety of plants are used in each customized treatment, generally based on how you feel. It is seen as a new, exciting and personal trend.

Bring Back Your Natural Beauty

Medical Spas are focused on advanced skin care plus body and face rejuvenation services in a relaxing atmosphere. What is more, these kinds of spas offer a massage service, body treatment, and facials; they have a lot of benefits such as calming the central nervous system; improving blood circulation and helping the body get rid of waste products. Ig you have regular massages,  you might feel better, and you might improve the quality of your life.

On the other hand, Medical Spas tend to specialize in laser and injectable procedures.

They address many possible conditions, including unwanted hair (laser hair removal), uneven pigmentation, and broken capillaries or spider veins. Most spas offer high-tech and natural skin treatments like acupuncture rejuvenation.

Loss Weight

According to a Nielsen study, a 30% of the global population is considered overweight. However, a change of paradigma is making people being conscious about this and they are trying to lose some weight. Besides, several manufacturers reformulated their products to reduce or, even, eliminate sugar, cholesterol, trans and saturated fat and sodium content of food.

Lower Your Stress Level

The World Health Organization (WHO) believes that by 2020 stress and some others mental diseases would be the second-leading cause of disabilities. They might include impaired physical and psychological functioning, lost work days and high use of health care services, as well as workplace accidents and medical conditions.

That is why,  spas see as a business to help people relax; they offer some specific stress- management programs to do so. Although it might not sound nice to think about how stressed we are, it is vital to be aware of it knowing that any destination, medical or resort spa can be a good place for people to rejuvenate and restore their lives.

Start a Physical Activity

When going to destination spas, you can find a lot of exercise classes, yoga instructions and fitness programs which might help you define the activity you like the most.

It is possible to attend fitness dance classes and meditation sessions to rest and clear your mind. In general, you need getting away and spending some time alone in order to relax your mind, so the spa might be the perfect place to be taken cared of by professional.

5 Rules for a Good Spa Experience

To make the best of your spa experience, there are certain rules which can improve it and make you feel pleased about it. When choosing a spa for you, it would be key to:

  1. Check if the spa has all licenses, insurance, and professionals working there. As this industry is growing rapidly, you might find people trying to take advantage of it thus, skipping controls especially when it comes to injectables and weight loss material. Do not doubt asking about it insurance!
  2. Find a place you feel comfortable, a neutral environment to fully relax and enjoy your spa experience.  You should be asked about your home skin-care routine, and the estheticians might provide some suggestions for you to follow at home.
  3. You can ask for a tour around the spa before booking any treatment. In that way, you can make sure the place is clean, sanitary and pleasant for you.
  4. Pay attention to how other customers are treated; this might give you an idea of how you are going to be treated there.
  5. Lastly, if you see or feel that something is wrong or you do not like the way things are being done, make sure you resort to the spa insurance to help you solve any inconvenience.

If you would like more information about this or any other issue, please contact us. Our professionals are willing to answer all your questions.