Body wraps are one of the most popular spa treatments, but not everyone knows exactly what they’re for. You might have a vague idea that they are a beauty treatment and perhaps be able to name some different types of body wrap. However, if you’re not entirely certain what they are and you have always been a bit hesitant to ask, now is the perfect time to find out all about them and what they could do for you.

Understanding what a body wrap is and the difference between various types of body wrap like detox or hydrating wraps will help you make sure you can get the most out of each one. You should be able to decide if a body wrap is right for you and know what sort of results you can expect to get from one.

What Is a Body Wrap?

As the name implies, a body wrap involves wrapping your body up to bestow a beauty treatment of some kind. However, before that takes place, there is usually an exfoliation step. This helps to give your skin a refresh exfoliation, and also helps to stimulate your circulation and give you a small “massage.” It might involve a body brushing or body scrub.

A body wrap, which is sometimes called a body mask, often involves a nourishing formula that will enrich your skin. The wrap itself could be plastic, cotton or bandages.

Types of Body Wrap

There are several different types of body wrap that you could come across. Each type offers different benefits and might have a slightly different process.

  • Anti-aging wrap: For anyone who is trying to encourage their skin to retain its youthful glow, plumpness and elasticity, an anti-aging wrap is ideal. Our mango wrap is intended for just this purpose. This one-hour wrap will help to repair the signs of aging and give your skin the nourishment it needs to stay moisturized.
  • Purifying wrap: When you have a purifying wrap, it helps to remove the impurities from your skin. Get rid of oil and dirt and give your skin a deep clean to get back the radiance that you want. Feel refreshed and clean, with soft skin that you won’t want to stop touching.
  • Detox wrap: Detoxifying wraps like our heated seaweed wrap are designed to rid your body of toxins. They help to stimulate your circulation, bring out impurities and also ensure your body has the minerals it needs. You might want one of these when it matters most, like before your wedding or after you’ve recovered from being ill.
  • Relaxation wrap: When you really need to relax, a relaxation wrap helps you to do just that. Our lavender wrap uses one of the most relaxing fragrances around to help you unwind and enjoy some pampering time. Just lie back and give yourself over to the experience of a body wrap.
  • Hydrating wrap: Keeping your skin and the rest of your body hydrated is vital. The aim of a hydrating body wrap like our coconut lime wrap is to use softening lotions, gels and creams to give your skin the hydrating it needs. A hydrating wrap could be just what you need as the colder weather and drying indoor heating sucks moisture from your skin.
  • Slimming wrap: Slimming wraps aim to give you a temporary slimming effect. They usually take longer than other types of wrap, but some people feel they’re worth it. You might have one before a big event if you want to feel slimmer.

The Body Wrap Process

Having a body wrap isn’t complicated. It’s a straightforward process that you’re sure to find relaxing. Before the wrap takes place, body brushing or a body scrub prepares your skin using exfoliation. The wrapping product is applied, and then you are wrapped up. The wrap is often plastic or mylar bandages, but it can sometimes be cotton or towels. Once you have enjoyed your time wrapped up, you unwrap and rinse off before getting dry.

Is a Body Wrap Right for You?

Make sure a body wrap is right for you before you book one.

You should be:

  • Happy to be wrapped up and somewhat restricted
  • Happy to be left alone during the treatment
  • Sure that you’ve chosen the right type of wrap for what you want

A body wrap can be relaxing and luxurious, with a great choice for different purposes. Find out more about our body wrapping options and choose which you think is the best for you. If in doubt, you can contact us to be assessed by our professional masseuses