In the world of massages it is possible to find plenty of alternatives and a lot of types or modalities so, at times, this variety might confuse consumers because all of them have specific characteristics and uses.

In order to decide which one is best for you, it would be necessary to make a distinction between Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. While the first one is mostly chosen as a relaxing massage, the second is often select for sore or achy muscles. However, they might be combined as they compliment each other, to get better results in connection to dysfunctional muscle patterns.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is mainly used to increase circulation and to stimulate general relaxation, that is why it addresses the body as a whole. Each muscle is calmed and warmed by using oil or lotion. Then, they are kneaded and stretched with a lifting/kneading stroke and, afterward, smoothen and drained of fluid with firm strokes.

Sometimes, vibration or percussion are also be used to stimulate or release muscles. This technique might be repeated on each part of the body to get a calming and rejuvenating effect.

Swedish massage´s health benefits might be a circulation increase, lowered blood pressure, to improve immune functions and, also, to reverse stress effects. After the massage, people tend to manifest they feel healthier, energetic, less stressed or susceptible to illnesses.

The Swedish Massage Characteristics:

  • Increases circulation and stimulates relaxation
  • Muscles are calmed and warmed by using oil or lotion.
  • Muscles are stretched and drained
  • Lengthens and relaxes superficial muscle tissue
  • Relieves stress.

If you happen to have blood circulation problems or you need to get your muscles relaxed, the Swedish massage would be the most effective one. Even if you have some kind of muscle affection, this technique might help you fix it. Don´t forget to consult a professional before starting any type of treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage

As regards Deep Tissue Massage, it might be said that it includes some techniques used in the Swedish Massage. However, the purpose of it might be completely different. Its aim might be to provide structural and functions overcomes.

The purpose of the massage is to solve specific tight muscle as well as to correct postural distortion which might be caused by the tight muscles.

This technique would involved light pressure in a precise manner to ease deep muscle release.This kind of practice might be performed by a professional practitioner. Otherwise, pressure could be misplaced and serious consequences can be suffered.

It focuses on stretching fascia- a three-dimensional web of connective tissue which surrounds, supports and penetrates all of the muscles, bones, nerves, and organs. Thus, it works layer by layer through the connective tissue and muscles to change posture and, even, to create freedom of movement by releasing fascial adhesions and chronic muscle contracture.

The primary stroke might be linear friction which is a sustained linear stroke along the fiber direction of a specific muscle. In this way, the stretch receptors of the muscles are activated, and so they release.

On the other hand, it might also involve static pressure in on specific spot to release the muscle. Muscles can be “taught” how to overcome dysfunctional muscle patterns and adopt a more balanced and healthier posture.

The Deep Tissue Massage characteristics:

  • provides structural and functions overcomes,
  • solves specific tight muscle and corrects postural distortion;
  • involves light pressure in a precise manner to ease deep muscle release;
  • performed by a professional practitioner;
  • The principal stroke might be linear friction;
  • Involves static pressure in on specific spot to release the muscle.

Moreover, Deep Tissue massage is considered to have high health benefits due to the fact that muscle release can alleviate chronic pain and speed the healing of injuries. It might improve organ function and athletic performance while Relieving the stress and energy drain of chronically tight muscles.

Which Massage Should I Choose?

If you need to decide what massage would be appropriate for you, try considering why you need a massage:  if you are suffering from pain, you should think about Deep Tissue therapy. But if you need a body massage,  you should choose the Swedish Alternative. Another possibility is to blend the two massages to get perfect and most complete treatment for you.

You Need to Remember:

  • You should get a Swedish Massage if you are stressed, you look for general relaxation, or you need increased circulation, relief of pain.
  • You should get a Deep Tissue Massage if you are experiencing chronic pain in a particular muscle group if you are consistently involved in a heavy physical activity, or you want to target specific tight muscles and relieve tension in the deeper muscle layers.

You might let a professional practitioner advise you on which massage is best for you according to your needs, expectations and goals. Besides, you can ask as many questions as you have and be assessed about all treatments available. Let the therapist know what you are looking for to ensure your satisfaction. Now, relax and enjoy!