Should I Get my Lashes Tinted

Are you tired of putting on mascara every day, but still love the look of having long, lovely lashes? Here’s a great alternative for you. Lash tinting is a fantastic option for both men and women. It can not only save you time but also help protect your eye health.

The Process

You can get both eyelashes and eyebrows tinted. Regardless of which one you are getting done, the process is very similar. It involves a vegetable-based dye to add a bit of color to brows or lashes. Think of it like glazing.

Petroleum jelly is applied to the surrounding areas of skin to protect it from ending up dyed. At this point, the tint is applied to the hair. It’s then left to sit for a little while, about seven minutes for lashes or ten minutes for brows. This pause allows the dye to settle and become semi-permanent. Once done, any excess is gently removed.

Possibly because you can get eyeliner tattooed on, people seem to think that lash tinting is like getting a tattoo, and you only need to do it once and done. However, that is not the case. Like any other hair dye, the effects aren’t permanent. It lasts about four to six weeks and then needs to be redone.

Lash tinting is a little more complicated than eyebrow tinting. It takes about twenty minutes, and part of it is because the lashes are dyed twice. The dye is applied, then reapplied about ten minutes later. There’s also a little more protection involved, like adding a protective pad below the bottom lashes. Afterward, the expert applying the dye will rinse the eyes with saline solution to make sure nothing got into your eyes or remove any particles that may have entered.

Why Should I Try It?

It takes about twenty minutes every month or month and a half to get your lashes tinted. Meanwhile, it takes five or ten minutes every morning to apply your mascara. If you have a busy schedule, the time savings alone is well worth it.

Getting your lashes tinted also means you will never “skip” this step to save time. Your lashes will always be ready to go. You will roll out of bed with them all done. Simply put, it’s quite convenient.

Some other ways tinted lashes makes life vastly simpler:

  • Crying won’t make your lashes run the way mascara does.
  • You can throw on a little lipstick and be ready to go in the morning. It’s convenient for vacations, sleepovers with that special someone and any other time you want to look ravishing.

Getting tinted also means you don’t have to worry about getting an eye infection from your mascara. Some people have had serious eye damage. If you use mascara, you need to be quick to throw it out and replace it regularly so it doesn’t grow harmful germs.

You can look great at the gym while sweating or at weddings while crying your eyes out. And it’s your little secret why you have that great look.

Tips And Best Practices

Do keep in mind that you should not use self-tanner for a week before your appointment. Tanning chemicals don’t mix well with the dye. As the procedure will occur very near your eyes, the effects can be particularly delicate.

Getting redyed regularly can help your tinting last longer. You can also prevent or reduce fading by staying away from oil-based cleansers and similar facial products. Such chemicals can dissolve the tints and remove them little by little.

Keep in mind that there are no FDA approved permanent lash dyes. You should do some legwork and find out beforehand what products your salon uses. Vegetable-based tints are pretty safe and can even be applied during pregnancy. Just make sure the salon isn’t using anything sketchy.

With a little common sense, this is a safe way to enhance your looks, free up time and make your life more convenient. Once you try it, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Lash tinting is one of life’s rare win-win scenarios.

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