Man Getting Shoulder Massage

Massage therapy is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow each year, offering several choices of treatments and therapists for consumers to pick from. It means higher competition that could be a threat to current business, and if you’re unable to establish yourself as a reliable local therapist, you could quickly run out of clients and be forced to rethink your position in the industry.

It’s up to you to provide clients with impeccable service that goes above, and beyond what other clinics are offering, so here there are a couple of tips on how you can keep them coming back and steer them away from local competitors.

Tips To Make Clients Come Back

1. The Clinic Must Be Clean And Welcoming

Your clients get massage therapy because they want to unwind, relax and leave feeling refreshed. That is why it’s essential to design a clinic with a welcoming and tranquil environment where they can enjoy the atmosphere and consider it a part of the deal when they register with you as a therapist.

The waiting area should be comfortable and clean to be inviting, and you should also offer some reading material which speaks to their current mood. Don’t have politics and other things that could trigger negative emotions. Instead, leave peaceful books that have beautiful and calming images, such as travel and art books.

2. Let  Clients Know About  Massage Techniques

Many therapists try to keep massage techniques a secret from their clients. Whether this is out of fear these techniques might be stolen or they don’t want to overwhelm their clients with information, it’s appreciated if you do a little bit of explaining and let clients know about the benefits they could experience.

Not only will this help them understand the long-term benefits of the massage techniques, but it will also show you’re knowledgeable about your craft. You should do the best to explain the benefits in simple terms as not to confuse your clients, and you should let them know about the health benefits and if possible, show them any research which points to these benefits if they do ask for proof.

3. Don’t Make Clients Feel Self-Conscious

The last thing you want is to make them feel uncomfortable in your clinic. You don’t want them to feel uneasy about getting undressed for a massage, and you don’t want to discriminate based on body shape and size. The best thing you can do for them is to throw all those concerns out the window and provide them with a non-judgemental massage service that welcomes all body types.

The more sensitive you are to their needs, the more likely they are to return because they’ve found a therapist who understands them and treats them well. Make sure clients are comfortable about getting a massage from you and do everything you can to make sure they don’t feel out of place.

4. Encourage And Respond To Feedback

One of the best ways to learn about clients and how your business is doing overall is to encourage feedback. Whether it’s in the form of online comments and reviews of your clinic or speaking to them about services, there are plenty of ways to get feedback as long as you’re willing to speak up.

It’s important especially for shy clients who perhaps don’t like confrontation or don’t want to speak directly to you about the quality of the services. Don’t pressure them into talking about your business if they don’t feel comfortable about it, and keep communication open in case they ever want to leave feedback.

5. Don’t Rush Through Clients

Although it may be tempting to run lots of promotions to get lots of customers through the doors, it’s crucial you focus on building up a solid reputation and scaling the business instead of merely growing it. Focus on the wellbeing of clients and improve your services until they are more than happy and satisfied with what you offer, then start to grow your business and take on new clients.

You never want to feel rushed during an appointment with your clients. Instead of trying to get through as many clients as possible in a single day, focus on delivering the best possible service, and you’ll get plenty of repeat clients.

At Coastal Day Spa, we know clients are our top priority, we try hard every day to please each and all of them. Contact us for more information about our treatments and massage.