woman enjoying a massage

Getting a massage comes with a range of benefits, from having that time to yourself to relax and take things easy, to alleviating problems and pains that you might have been experiencing.

The fact that the benefits of massages are so large means they’re used in different ways by different people. And it’s these needs that should dictate how often you receive a professional massage.

To help you understand better how often YOU should be receiving professional massages, we’ve clarified it all below.

Do You Spend Too Much Time Sitting at a Desk?

It’s best to have a professional massage at least once a month, but many people can benefit from bimonthly massages too. Desk jobs put a lot of strain on the body and massages can help you cope with that.

  • Sitting at a Desk Forces Your Limbs Into Uncomfortable Positions: A massage can help rectify the problems caused by sitting at a desk all day.
  • Many of the Problems Go Unnoticed for a Long Time: When a desk job places your body under strain, massages can help even when problems aren’t immediately apparent.
  • Massages Can Help You Start Improving Your Posture: Desk jobs breed poor posture, and good massages can be the first step towards correcting that.

Massage Routines for People Struggling to Relax or Banish Stress

Weekly massages work best for people struggling with things like stress, insomnia or a general inability to rest and relax naturally. It treats the immediate problems and aids relaxation right away.

  • Relaxing Time to Focus on You: Having time to yourself helps a lot.
  • Untreated Stress Leads to Other Problems: If the stress is allowed to build, other mental and physical health problems can follow, so act now.
  • Massages Can Help Treat Insomnia: Massages can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, helping you sleep better at night.

Dealing with Pain or Suffered an Injury?

Regular massages on a weekly or biweekly basis are essential when battling pain or you’re trying to recover from an injury. As these issues subside, the gap in between massages can grow.

  • Your Pain Will be Relieved: You need deep massages that get to the heart of the pain and relieve it.
  • You Can Work with Therapists to Find the Right Kind of Massage: There are many different types, and you can use trial and error alongside your therapist to find the right one.
  • Massages Can Facilitate Healing: The right massage will help speed up the recovery and healing process.

Massages for Pregnant Women

The physical and mental pressure you can feel when you’re going through a pregnancy can take its toll if you’re not careful. That’s why we recommend biweekly massages.

  • Stress on the Joints: Pregnant women carry more weight, so it’s crucial to relieve that stress on the joints via a massage.
  • Improve Sleep: Sleep problems are common among pregnant women, but relaxing massages can fix that.
  • Post-Birth Massages Are Useful Too: Even after giving birth, massages can help you stay healthy and relaxed.

Those Pushing Themselves Hard at the Gym or Playing Sports

Sports massages taking place on a weekly basis can take out some of the pressure of pushing yourself hard at the gym or playing sports.

  • Recovery is Key: When you’ve been pushing your body, it needs time to recover, and massages should always be part of that.
  • You Can Choose Massages to Target Specific Muscles: There are massages for pretty much every muscle group out there, so your therapist can find the one that’s right for you.
  • Loosening Tight Muscles: It’s all about preventing and treating tightness in the muscles, which can hinder performance if not addressed.

If You’re Interested in General Wellness and Want to Incorporate Massages, This is What You Need to Know

Getting a message once or twice each month is enough for anyone interested in incorporating massages into their approach to general wellness. Many benefits will come from that.

  • Relax: For many people, it’s all about having a time dedicated to relaxation.
  • Keep Your Muscles in Good Shape: Muscle health is enhanced when you receive regular professional massages.
  • Continually Build on Progress: When you get regular massages, the progress will build on time after time.

Massages are an essential part of life for many people, and if they aren’t in yours just yet, it’s time for that to change. Now that you know how regularly you should be receiving professional massages from the best therapists, you need to book a slot at Coastal Massage and experience our massages for yourself. Before long, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them!