Going to the Spa

Do you sometimes feel you want to escape to another world? Maybe for a couple of hours because you are really tired? This urgent need that you might experience, especially in an urban scenario, is becoming more common these days.

So what can you do about it? A Spa Day. A day at a spa is a blessing. It will help you indulge in some needed “me” time, to switch off and relax, recharge, detox and beautify.

Modern-day spas cater to a range of healthy experiences. The healing powers of touch therapy have been expounded on since ancient times.

Touch therapies are intrinsically connected to spas. The nurturing touch of a professional therapist on your body has benefits that might go beyond the realm of the physical. So here you will find a list of benefits you can achieve by therapeutic massages.

  • A massage session is a break from your job, your family, friends… to slow down and de-stress.
  • A massage improves blood circulation which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells.
  • A massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries away the body’s waste products.
  • It releases a hormone called Serotonin that enhances the body and mind´s “feel good” taste. When receiving a spa service, your body and mind are in harmony.
  • Professional athletes experience great relief in easing muscle tensions and cramps through trained therapists and relax every part of their body through deep tissue massages.
  • Prenatal and postnatal benefits for women is one of the most important factors for experiencing a massage.
  • Massage therapy can help with pain management in chronic conditions such as arthritis, sciatica and muscle spasms.
  • Body contouring service can keep the extra pounds off and keep your body in shape and beautiful.
  • Body polishes gently exfoliate your skin while promoting cellular renovation, refining pores. It also gives your skin a uniform relief.
  • Water treatments provide your body with true balance, as water provides equilibrium.
  • Heat treatments: moist air heat the body to stimulate blood circulation while initiating the purifying process.
  • Therapeutic muds exfoliate dead skin cells, eliminate toxins and increase circulation.
  • Body wraps are as beneficial as quick to remineralise the body, replenish it with nutrients and elements that are lost on a daily basis. Also by boosting moisture in your skin, you will feel rejuvenated and relaxed.
  • Cold water and ice applied to your body will stimulate the circulatory, lymphatic and immune system.
  • Most spas offer a nutritional service nowadays.

A therapist or professional should perform all treatments and massages. In that way, safe and better service is guaranteed.

You will find that our spa offers a wide variety of treatments, the ones already mentioned plus many others that will help you look and feel better. Contact us for more information or visit our website to find the right service for you.