Spa day

Have you been feeling guilty of your love for the spa or how eagerly you look forward to the next spa day? Do your loved ones complain because of your little indulgence? Make no apologies. Other than improving your moods, a day at the spa has many other benefits to your well-being. Some of these benefits are evident immediately after the spa experience. This article details ten of these benefits.

  1. Relaxation

Everything about a spa day is meant to calm and help you relax. The friendly and cool lighting, colors, music and the session itself will do a lot to calm you down. If you have been dealing with a lot of stress lately such as work or family pressures, having a spa session will help you unwind and release steam.

  1. Better Looking and Healthier Skin

Spa treatments involve a lot of scrubbing with salts and or sugars. This removes the outer dead skin, which leaves behind a smoother, breathable, healthy and glowing layer. Also because the experience improves blood circulation to all parts of the body including the skin, toxins are ejected out of the body more efficiently. The skin’s breathing pores also open up during the treatment leaving you feeling fresh.

  1. Time to Reconnect with Yourself

During a spa session, you do not have your phone, tablet or other gadgets with you. You cannot log into your social media accounts or chitchat with friends on your phone and better still; you cannot check how things are going on at work or with the family.

You have all the time to yourself to reflect on life and get to know yourself better. You are far away from all the stresses and obligations of life. This me time helps you reconnect with who you really are and at the same time enables you to think through critical issues in your life and refocus.

  1. Helps Improve Breathing Conditions

Time spent at a sauna or steam room helps open up the airways making breathing easier. It is common knowledge how a steam treatment can sooth congested chests even in children. Therefore, if you have a cough, asthma, colds or other breathing issues, spend more time at the sauna and steam rooms. You will feel much better.

  1. Improves Blood Circulation

Massage deals with tension and at the same time promotes better blood circulation to all areas of the body. A good massage session will leave your body feeling more relaxed and can even deal with pain. If you are up on your feet most of the time, you may suffer from swollen feet and improper blood circulation leading to conditions such as heart problems and hypertension. To improve blood circulation, have a spa day. Massage will also ensure a smoother transfer of oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body promoting better health.

  1. A Good Detox

The scrubs open up your skin while massage helps the blood transport the toxins to the skin to be flashed out through sweating which occurs when you are at the sauna or steam room. Detoxification can even help you lose weight. If you have been eating more than you should or have not been eating healthy foods, a spa session will help remove the toxins. Also, the entire spa process stimulates the lymphatic system which ejects toxins out of the body.

  1. A Bonding Time

You do not have to indulge alone; you can tag friends or/ and loved ones along. If you have been busy lately and have less time to spend with loved ones, this privacy and all attention to yourselves can improve your relationships.

  1. Releases Serotonin

Want more of the feel-good hormone? Spend more time at the spa. Massage has been known to trigger the release of serotonin, which leaves you feeling good and peaceful. So if you have been wondering why you are in a better mood after a massage, thank the feel happy hormone.

  1. Great for Migraines

If you have been suffering from migraines, more blood flow to the brain can help get rid of the pain. Build up of toxins and tension may also cause headaches. A spa session improves blood flow to all parts of the body including the brain allowing sufficient transport of oxygen and efficient removal of waste products. Also, massage may promote the formation of white blood cells which help fight off infections.

  1. More Energized

If you have been feeling weak or tired lately, a massage or time at the spa can give you more energy. Better blood circulation is vital for reenergizing the body. Also, some of the oils used at the spa may help boost energy levels. These include lemon, orange and cider oils.

These are just some of the reasons you should have regular visits to the spa. A visit to the spa is not only a great way to relax, but it is also necessary for good health. Make a spa booking today.